Ultra-Thin Protective Silicone Cover for AirPods

大版樱花vs川崎前锋 www.1luv.cn Soft Silicone Case For Airpods Air Pods Box 


Soft Silicone Case For Airpods Air Pods Box 

Soft Silicone Case For Airpods Air Pods Box Shockproof Earphone Protective Cover

Original: Slim from fitting minimalist design for your AirPods charging case.
Super Thin Version: Only 0.88mm, can barely feel its existence.
High quality: Made of durable impact-resistant silicone, soft and smooth, also can protect your airpods charging case from bumps, scratch, dust and dirty.
Easy to install: Perfectly matches your charging case, fits snugly over the charging case. Because of its light and thin, it needs to adjust the top to fit 100% at first use.
NOTICE: AirPods and AirPods charging case are not included.

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